Success Is A Myth

Why do I say it is a myth? It’s because so many are chasing in it in the wrong places. Or maybe I should the measure of which most people are measuring success is erroneous. Now, I know every has a definition for success.

The reality is, even if you don’t think you have a definition, you still have one. it may not be obvious to you. But it’s in your head or your heart. My own definition is when I can feed and clothe millions of people around the world.

Alright, let me say why I think success is a myth. There are people out there who look so successful to many yet they are struggling. The dress good, look good and talk good.

Heck, some of those successful people even lie about their success just make other cater to them. Yet, there are also others that do so in order to lure others to buy their stuff.

I have seen many of the latter in the internet marketing space. They claim they are making a truckload of money and they want to show you. Okay, I am not saying they all do it but most do.

Since most people are only buying a dream or a hope, they fall pray to those who blow their horn claiming they are millionaires. That is why I believe success is a myth.

But the main reason is because people who are really successful with legitimate money often feel they are not successful at all. Why? They want more money.

There you have it. Your idea about success may be a myth. The reality is, once you have what you want, you will still want more. Myth. Myth.