How To Deal With Difficult Employees

As I travel the United States to speak at conferences, people often ask me this question: “How to deal with difficult employees.” What they don’t realize is the world is full of difficult people. Just in case you didn’t know, you are surrounded every day by difficult people.

They are there to make your life┬ámiserable. They are there to stress you out. Your job is to make sure they don’t get under your skin. You have to know how to manage your moods and emotions so you can be in control.

Don’t let other people figure out your hot buttons in order to push you around whenever they want to. I have an awesome blog post on my blog where I offer you 4 simple ways to handle hard-to-get-along-people.

Once you are armed by those 4 strategies, you be in total control of how you react. Go here to read the post: How To Deal With Difficult People In The Workplace

Difficult Employees

We all know that one difficult employee can make life difficult for everyone. I never really understand how those hard=to-get-along with people get hired in the first place.

I wish there was a way one can make them breathe on a device that can detect their mean attitude. I guess that device is a long way coming. Until then, there are some ways to handle them.

If you are asking yourself how to deal with difficult employees, I have a few suggestions:

1- Do not let them get under your skin. You are in the workplace to work and get things done. There is no need to spend your time worrying about the wrong attitude. When a person say something mean or refuse to cooperate, keep pressing on.

2- Feed their ego. This is the best advice you’ll ever get on this subject. Mean people are mean people. It has nothing to do with you. They are mean at home and at work. Such people often suffer from low self-esteem. Your job is to give them lots of kudos to make them feel good.

3- Make them feel their ideas are important to you. That is right! The moment you seek their advice, they feel a sense of contribution. Everyone wants to contribute one way or another. Say, “Can I get your advice on this?” That one simple sentence can turn any mean person into a polite one.

I know what I just shared with you is very basic and simple. You are right. But don’t let simplicity get in your way. Starting from right now, start apply the three simple ideas I shared with you and you will see a huge difference in the way people relate to you.

Public Speaking Tips

Here’s a valuable speaking tip: Record every speech!

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran public speaker record everything. That how you grow. That’s how you make progress. As a public speaker or I should say motivational speaker, you need to have a library of your speeches.

Now, you will get tired of hearing yourself. Or maybe I should point out that you won’t like hearing yourself. But that’s not my point. There’s a vital reason why I want you to

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Your Message Is Important To The World

If you have a message inside of you, it’s time to start spreading it. If it is important to you, that means it’s important to put it out there. Of course, you are not going to resonate and connect with everyone.

But, imagine the powerful impact you can have on the ones that are ready to hear your message. As a full time motivational speaker, I know how bad people need motivation and inspiration.

There are so many bad things happening these days. People are struggling financially, emotional

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Success Is A Myth

Why do I say it is a myth? It’s because so many are chasing in it in the wrong places. Or maybe I should the measure of which most people are measuring success is erroneous. Now, I know every has a definition for success.

The reality is, even if you don’t think you have a definition, you still have one. it may not be obvious to you. But it’s in your head or your heart. My own definition is when I can feed and clothe millions of people around the world.

Alright, let me say why I think success is a myth. There are people out there who look so successful to many yet they are struggling. The dress good, look good and talk good.

Heck, some of those successful people even lie about their success just make other cater to them. Yet, there are also others that do so in order to lure others to buy their stuff.

I have seen many of the latter in the internet marketing space. They claim they are making a truckload of money and they want to show you. Okay, I am not saying they all do it but most do.

Since most people are only buying a dream or a hope, they fall pray to those who blow their horn claiming they are millionaires. That is why I believe success is a myth.

But the main reason is because people who are really successful with legitimate money often feel they are not successful at all. Why? They want more money.

There you have it. Your idea about success may be a myth. The reality is, once you have what you want, you will still want more. Myth. Myth.